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We will analyze this motion using all of the techniques we have developed in one-dimensional and two-dimensional motion.In the last chapter we studied rotational kinematics, rotational energy, and moment of inertia for objects rotating about a fixed axis.Work is related to the displacement through which the force acts.

In this chapter we will begin by discussing the mathematical description of torque as a vector or cross product.

We will also focus on general rotations such as when objects roll (rotate and translate).

Kinetic energy (KE) is proportional to the square of the speed of the object; KE is therefore a number and not a vector.

In order to understand how to use energy correctly, we will also need to discuss isolated systems, potential energy, and internal energy. Newton determined that a net force was something that caused a time rate of change of momentum, Δp/Δt or dp/dt, where momentum is defined as p = mv.

They are said to be viewing the motion from two different frames of reference.