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Oh my days I actually feel extremely betrayed right now. He has recently struck up a romance with his Hairspray costar Brittany Snow and it has hurt me deeply. She was seen with Zac Efron at the end of year 2013 but there is not much information available about this couple. He was in rehab twice, some sources say it was because of cocaine addiction.

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While the two looked cozy, the outing was most likely purely platonic as, last we heard, Brittany was still dating Teen Wolf star Tyler Hoechlin.

Plus, Brittany and Zac have been close friends for many years, ever since they starred in 2007's Hairspray together.

Back in September, reports emerged that Zac had completed a stint in rehab for an addiction problem earlier this year.

He kept his struggles a secret for awhile, including when he promoted his latest flick, Parkland, at the Toronto International Film Festival last month.

Instead, they attract two troublemakers, played by Aubrey Plaza and Anna Kendrick, who turn out to be wilder than they are. We went out to Hawaii a week earlier for rehearsal-slash-brother-bonding time, and we just really clicked.