Youkilis dating

"I'd shoot myself before I'd have someone else raise Mikey," she says.

There are perks to being a player's wife, but you also make a lot of family sacrifices."Sambataro has not always had such grown-up concerns.

Describing herself as "wild" in high school and "far from a cheerleader" in college - she took courses at Boston College but did not graduate - Sambataro admits she used to be more madcap than mature."The reason I don't drink anymore is because I did all my partying under the age of 21," she says.

He was the rare Major Leaguer without an oversize ego."Kevin wasn't interested in hanging out with girls who were interested in hanging out with him because he was a ballplayer," Sambataro says.

"We won't name them, but there are plenty of those."Friends for nearly three years before they started dating, the low-key couple try to lead an unremarkable life.

During the season, they're regulars at the Border Cafe in Cambridge, and at Davio's and Fugakyu. (While he's no A-list actor like Affleck, Youkilis was in a movie: He had a line in the 1994 Melanie Griffith movie "Milk Money," which was filmed in his hometown of Cincinnati.)Sambataro does not have a nanny and rarely ventures far without her son.