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I'm not quite sure what to make of it, but it puts me in mind of Roald Maliangkay's The Bra Boys of South Korea.

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We think maybe Psy is also poking fun at the 된장녀 Bean Paste Girl attitude and men’s internal attitude toward women they perceive as being Bean Paste Girls. The setting is interesting, they have a first date not in a fancy restaurant but at a포장마차, a common cheap pop-up sidewalk diner.

This is why the noodle scene is so funny, rather than spaghetti at a fancy Italian restaurant, they slurp cheap noodles. This is because this rice cake is used as slang or euphemism for sex because of the noise made by cutting the rice cake into slices for soup, and because in the old days it was made by hammering rice.

Koreans have an issue where women will be fairly dependent on finding a man to date and eventually marry.

It’s not like Victorian style where they can’t survive on their own dollar, but it’s very post world war II America, where it was far more desirable for the men to make the cash in a relationship.

In a country that doesn’t have a lot of room or capital, but the standard of living is exorbitant at the top, Korean women are pressured not only to work hard and get a good job, but to marry well.