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She said: "It was interesting to find out how the two dogs had completely different characters."The substitute dog loved to eat and was very emotional. It was great having them around." The series is set to air on TVB First (Star Hub TV Ch 860) later this year.Hong Kong actress Myolie Wu is in love, and it shows on her face.

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If I get married, they will ask me when am I giving birth." Wu said she would announce the good news if and when it happens.

She said: "I am not the kind who will get married secretly.

She spoke of how she took care of a year-old baby ape while filming a variety programme in China recently.

She said: "That gave me the confidence to be a mother. We only live once, of course I hope to have kids in the future." Wu, who was in good spirits, was the complete opposite of how this reporter remembered her during an interview a few years ago.

She smiled when asked about her new boyfriend, saying in Mandarin: "He isn't in Singapore with me.