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BW: Well, I moved into this apartment in Brooklyn, and it just took me a while to get curtains, and there was an absolute nightmarish creep across the street who would like hold up his i Pad with messages.

Benjamin Walker: You know that comedian Mitch Hedberg? BW: You know that joke that he says, like, “I don’t have a girlfriend, but I do have a girl that’d be very upset if she heard me say that”? It’s about communication and trust …TP: And it’s hard in our industry.

Because as my husband [Mark Webber of Joe Swanberg’s “Happy Christmas”] puts it, he’s like, “I just have to share my wife.

This movie made me think about a lot of things, including people having chemistry with someone new when they’re already in a relationship.

In that situation, how does someone know when they’re crossing the line, going too far with that new person?

Has there been a time you had to confront someone who was bothering you?


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