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* * * * * UPDATE: Some of the commenters below have suggested that Lloyd-Jones was only referring to inscripurated prophecy, and therefore his statements above do not apply to the contemporary continuationist position. In a paragraph introducing the above discussion, Lloyd-Jones described the kind of New Testament prophecy to which he was referring: In the New Testament prophets are generally coupled with the apostles, as in the second chapter of this Epistle: ‘And are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner stone’ [Eph. But though coupled with the apostles, prophets are obviously different.

For instance, it was not necessary that a prophet should have seen the risen Lord.

It is clear that even by then the office of the prophet was no longer necessary, and the call was for teachers and pastors and others to expound the Scriptures and to convey the knowledge of the truth.

Again, we must note that often in the history of the Church trouble has arisen because people thought that they were prophets in the New Testament sense, and that they had received special revelations of truth.

[Grand Rapids: Baker, 1987], 189-91) Clearly, Lloyd-Jones’s explanation of New Testament prophecy runs contrary to the continuationist position.