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Bryanna: The restaurant was nice, but neither of us usually goes to fancy places. Bryanna: He ended up inviting three of his guy friends and we went to L. Kevin: They liked her and did their best not to make her feel awkward. Kevin: Then one friend hits us with a truth bomb: He just got engaged.

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Anda is a really unique name; my mom and I kind of stalked him online and found out all about him. I like tall, smart girls, and she wasn’t a pushover. It wouldn’t have surprised me if he had just said, “I want a hot chick.” He said a couple of times throughout the date, “I’m so glad you’re not fat,” or “I’m so glad you’re not ugly.” Anda: I have ways to make sure [a date] is fun.

I’m the founder of a start-up focused on the coffee market in Yemen; that’s my No. Erica: When I got there, I knew exactly who I was looking for.

Adele : He was fine with our political differences. Steven: [For the photo] I asked if I could put my arm around her and she said, “Absolutely,” so we did that. Adele: At one point he said, “You know, I could kiss you for a photo.” I said, “Maybe not.” ...

At the end of the night he asked again, do I want to go to this party. That’s sort of the fun of going on a date; you get the person as they are.

Anda: I’ve been on dates where I’m the one holding up the conversation, like Atlas.