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Following this, we discuss each of the steps in the scale development process while paying particular attention to the differences that are required when one is attempting to develop scales for constructs with formative indicators as opposed to constructs with reflective indicators.

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It may occur when data are collected via only one method or via the same method but only at one point in time.

Data collected in these ways likely share part of the variance that the items have in common with each other due to the data collection method rather than to: (i) the hypothesized relationships between the measurement items and their respective latent variables, or; (ii) the hypothesized relationships among the latent variables.

It can assess both convergent and discriminant validity, but does not provide evidence to rule out common methods bias when the researcher uses only one method in collecting the data.

Common Method Bias is also known as “method halo” or “methods effects”.

Therefore, the purpose of the present paper is to integrate new and existing techniques into a comprehensive set of recommendations that can be used to give researchers in MIS and the behavioral sciences a framework for developing valid measures.