Validating bindingsource

When choosing an item using UI the underlying bound object is updated normally but it doesn't so when I'm assigning new value to Selected Item programatically. op object is taken from undo sequence and it gives appropriate value using "Get Old Value()".

Just for additional info: I am trying to implement "undo", which means I am saving every change somewhere and when Edit Undo I'm reversing all these changes done by user. That code actually IS AFFECTING the UI, but until the control loses its focus.

"and pls show us your Selected XXXChanged eventhandler" - I have no such eventhandlers, is that so bad?

The binding seems to change without Selected Index Changed or Selected Value Changed when selecting Combo Box item from UI. is displaying one value, but hasn't written the value to the binding source yet (which doesn't happen until you lose focus).

So far I would try to use ((Combo Box)controls[0]). for textbox and numeric Up Down I focus on it and select the text/number in it.