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testing and validating pseudo random sequences-84

If the smart card is throttled (likely, for a couple of reasons), you may not be able to get enough samples to tell in a reasonable timeframe.

NIST has defined in NIST Special Publication 800-22 an extensive set of statistical tests for verifying a source of randomness.

This is done in two parts: (An RNG based on physical processes alone pretty much always has detectable biases, so physical RNG are not used directly, but fed as entropy input (i.e.

seed) to a CSPRNG.) The CSPRNG implementation is validated by examining the source code, checking that the algorithm is a good one (algorithms from standards such as NIST SP 800-90A are typically prefered or even mandated), and conducting a few tests to detect implementation errors such as storing the result at the wrong address.

A CSPRNG whose internal state is known to an adversary (not suitable for cryptography) is not distinguishable from a CSPRNG whose internal state is not known outside the smartcard (suitable for cryptography).


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