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I have nowhere to go then I decided to go to Sudan.

As I just reached to Aru [Ugandan town close to Sudan border], I got a tall Sudanese man who loved me at a lodge and I started to have sex with him that night.

Juba, the capital city of the semi-autonomous region and a territory belonging to the indigenous Bari tribe is hit by sexual workers, most of whom have been flowing into Juba from the neighboring countries of East Africa such as Congo, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia and Tanzania.

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Such Sudanese girls who involve in commercial sexual intercourse are those girls who have adopted East African cultures and Arab girls who escaped Islamic law in Khartoum and flew to stay in Juba leaving behind their families.

Sudan Tribune had conducted interviews with some of such prostitutes who told about their sexual life in Southern Sudan, which they said was centered on making money rather than love.

I decided to leave my two children and joined this man in hotel and I followed him to [southern] Sudan through his instructions using Kenya road by land while he traveled by air leaving me behind." "Since I arrived to Juba, I did not see him and his contact numbers which he gave me were all fake.

I wondered what to do; I started to sell myself to men in lower price for me to sustain life.

"I was just a school girl in Kampala at Kampala International University (KIU) but unfortunately I got pregnant.