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Bova had consensual adult relationships with two former patients and that he made minor charting errors which led to zero negative patient outcomes.”DFPR spokesman Terry Horstman wouldn’t comment on Nickl’s statements.

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The ruling, issued by the state late last month and scheduled to take effect Friday, said Bova’s alleged conduct in the case, as well as prior discipline by the state, “are of great concern.”The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation’s administrative law judge, Mary Catherine Marubio, wrote that Bova “has shown an ongoing misunderstanding of, or disregard for, patient-physician boundaries for almost 12 years.”Marubio recommended a suspension of at least one year, but members of the Illinois Medical Disciplinary Board viewed her proposal as too lenient and suggested a minimum suspension of three years.

Jay Stewart, director of the department’s division of professional regulation, agreed with the board and issued the final decision.

It will be difficult for Bova’s pain patients to find new doctors willing to accept them, she said.“When it comes to pain, these doctors treat you like you’re a drug seeker,” she said.

The state’s disciplinary ruling said Bova, a Sherman resident and 1986 graduate of Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, engaged in sexual intercourse on 10 occasions with a woman who was his patient.

Carter said she doesn’t care whether Bova has had sex with current or former patients.“That’s his personal life,” she said.