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I would be happy to talk about it." I was really startled and amazed to hear that all 30 people gave me permission to film them. One woman who had never been married said to me, "I read romance novels all of the time, because I don't have a man.

My idea that they would be embarrassed was wrong, because these people felt invisible, overlooked. Nobody's speaking about us with any honesty anyway, so let's talk about it." There are a lot of stereotypes about age. But someday, I won't have to read them anymore, because I'll be living one." Just the idea of somebody nearing 80 years old still feels that way and has that expectation was eye-opening.

As of 2012, only 57 percent of people 65 and older in America were married.

So how is the other 43 percent finding love if they haven't already?

The people were realistic about it, but they always left the door open.


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