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He had to surrender his firearms and is to have no contact with his girlfriend after being charged with aggravated assault and domestic violence with a weapon.

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7/05/2012.7/06/2012: George Zimmerman was released from prison after posting a $1 million bond.

Before leaving prison, he was fitted for an electronic monitoring device.

He can not go near the Orlando-Sanford International Airport, open a bank account, or drink alcohol and he must remain in Seminole County.

More release conditions placed on Zimmerman.6/10/2013: Jury selection in the Zimmerman trial began.6/24/2013: The trial for George Zimmerman started.7/13/2013: A jury of six women declared George Zimmerman not guilty in the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.8/28/2013: In order to receive a sentence of one year of probation, Shellie Zimmerman made a plea deal with Florida prosecutors and pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor perjury charge.

More importantly, though is the fact he has now demonstrated that he does not properly respect the law or the integrity of the judicial process."Source: Circuit Court for the Eighteenth Judicial Circuit, Seminole County, Florida. 6/11/2012.6/12/2012: Charged with one count of perjury, Shellie Zimmerman was arrested.