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Dating Overseas and keeping the relationship going once you arrive home brings upon a multitude of problems, and I am not talking about your phone bill.

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Not all girls from all places will leave you because big money and looks approach, but lets face it, they don’t know the answer to the situation they will be put into until they live here and get confronted with it every day.

I can speak from experience as a male that I too, when confronted with gorgeous women, and a constant rate, have a very hard time remaining celibate with my current relationship.

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Dating in America always remains your worst option, because we truly have been engulfed with an obvious form of desperation especially once the 90’s hit.


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    ‘She has been hiding herself away,’ one neighbour said of the actress since her split Daivid.

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    We often invite our members to bring a friend or two along to nights, giving you a chance to meet even more Cardiff singles.