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– A Dear A: There are so many elements that go into a good relationship. Yet the adage, “once a cheater, always a cheater,” isn’t always true.

Read more Having worked with hundreds of male clients over the years, I can say with assurance that what men are really looking for in a woman is nurturance.

Men are looking for a woman who can be strong, but also kind and warm. Read more Dear Sara: How would I know who would be a potential spouse for me? That’s the gamble, and when it comes to choosing a partner, fidelity is a core aspect most of us require.

Now comes the task of wiping the slate clean, so you’ll be ready...

Read more Technology has exploded our dating options and put dating effectively on amphetamines.

It could have been a slow-building tension that brought coldness and distance. As such an important foundation, we wanted to ask e Harmony members about their hopes and fears and what they think is most...