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I wasn't impressed with the site yet took them up on the free trial.I was contacted by a member who tried to scam me for money almost immediately.

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Singles come to us knowing they will meet other quality people. When I was growing up the Muslim community was tight knit so finding a spouse was usually someone you grow up with. As soon as I joined messages suddenly stopped arriving.

Thousands of successful introductions over the years have resulted in great customer satisfaction. As I trying to keep things halal for my daughters... All the matches I were given lived at least a hundred miles away, were not suitable at all.

Other comment like such as "I like to spend my free time to practice yoga, meet friends and go to gym." was also denied. She convinced me that they will introduce 9 people during 6 months and it will be extended to 3 more months. One of them was so older than me and the other told me that he hasn't paid any money for dating since in a party he has met the representative and asked to be introduced to women.

I retyped and posted, but they were all denied again. Then I moved to Arizona where she insisted that they have an office there.

They do not reply to my email asking for the reason. Since a month ago however, nobody answered my emails. I think that there should be some legal ways to file a case because they are committed to their services based on their contracts while they get money and are not responsible any more and also they are taking advantage of emotional conditions of lonely people. The woman in Boston, who interviewed me (and took the 6000.00) talked of how easy it would be for them to match me up.


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