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However, I'm certain that eventually, time passes and there's a day/night cycle.

When the launcher well, launches, I select "DIRECTX 10 & 11".

I continue my campaign that I have playing for over 3 days without any problems.

There's no "push" notification that money's available, so you might have taken money out twice 5 minutes apart, even though it was really 15 minutes of clock time between times you actually got paid. I don't know if my sample running time was too small, or if the game rapidly transitions between times of day at certain points, but I took a save just after the climax of Act 1 and let it run for about 40 minutes, and the sun stayed in the same spot.

A 15 minute test of my cleared save yielded similar results.

That might also explain why I keep thinking the game takes place at night : D Marking this as answer, though, since the ~20 minutes estimate seems to be correct for income, based on last night and this morning's play.