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The final hearing will be held at the above-named family court, located at Room 303, 750 5th Avenue, Cabell County Courthouse on Feb. The final hearing may result in the issuance of a final domestic violence protective order and will be held whether or not you appear. 6, 2010 Adell Chandler LH- 748765 1-7-10 Source: The Herald-Dispatch.

Date: 07-Jan-10 You know I have cancer on my face, you saw it and even commented on it for the past 2 years! You know it's all true..can't stand it that I am finally thinking about myself instead of taking care of you! I have told you over and over YOU ARE A DREAMER AND NOTHING WILL HAPPEN FOR YOU, AFTER ALL THESE YEARS YOU MUST KNOW THAT'S THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!

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After several minutes of desperate, dog-like tonguefucking, she decided to stop letting him waste her time and coerced him into purchasing another $200.00 worth of crack.

Romeo, panicking due to the fact that he had already spent $500.00 on one prostitute, laid out rose petals and wrote poetry for her, and had yet to actually fuck her, decided in his infinite wisdom to take his guitar and leave the house.

When questioned about his activities, Romeo admitted on Tinychat to EDiots that he promised to pay the women to make out with him and then he never did, which for prostitutes is probably considered to be a crime like theft.

He has since moved on to threatening women who don't have sex with him, restraining orders filed against him by an ex-girlfriend, and generally being an all-around awesome person.