Phone etiquette for dating dating direct yorkshire

Answering the phone at dinner, and having it switched on in the cinema were also included in the list, alongside texting after 11pm, resending the same text if no response is received, and emailing pointless small talk.

If they are able to take the call, give them the persons name, their request, and any other relevant information. If you are required to ask who is calling or what the nature of the call is, be aware of your tone of voice.

Then, return to your caller and give them the name of the person they are being transferred to, the department and the telephone number (if possible). Screening calls is always a delicate situation, so it is critical not to offend or put your caller on the defensive with your voice tone.

NOTE: When placing multiple calls on hold, remember to return to the first caller you placed on hold first!

TRANSFERRING CALLS Tell the caller the REASON you are transferring the call before you do so.

) If someone walks into your office while youre talking on the telephone, ask the caller if you may put him/her on hold briefly). Don't place the handset in the cradle until youve depressed the HOLD button.