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No one I work with should ever feel like they’re misrepresenting themselves, and no one they date should ever feel like they’re meeting a totally different person than the one who sent all those cute flirty texts leading up to that first dinner.

They’re unwilling to even consider candidates outside of a very narrow set of constraints, one which historically has been proven not to work well, given their continued singlehood.

And like I said, they think their existing online presence and strategy isn’t the problem—it’s either that the system is flawed (yes, but you could learn to play it better); or that they just “don’t have time” (neither does anyone else).

For now, let’s ignore Gawker’s weird graphic, and also put the issue of dating tech guys in Seattle on hold.

I can guarantee that they’re not all gross—after all, I married one and he’s rad.

Learning why your profile isn’t working for you is often a matter of basic problem solving with some outside expertise.