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These short Christmas poems are perfect for any holiday card and can serve as card verses.We add some humor in some of these Christmas short poems so that you can make your greetings light and simple.Christ was born in a manger Today, He’s King and no stranger Tonight we’re going to celebrate It’s the time of the year that we await.

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Well here you can find a good collection of Christmas Poems as well as Christmas cards with Christmas poems.

Christmas is one of the most important holidays for Mankind.

Dear Santa, I’m writing this to let you know My dad and mom will buy me new clothes soon though So if you’ve been thinking to give me my favorite Garfield T-shirt Just give my portion those who need it the most.

Dear Santa, I’ve been wanting a bicycle for my chums have their own But I realize there are still much urgent needs I have foreknown I just want the children in the whole world to be filled with glee With their happy families gathering around the Christmas tree.

The Christmas tree is sparkling With lights and stars hanging Gifts for you and me are wrapped Oh, how nice it is to still be up.


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