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There’s so much that’s out of our control, as actors.

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It’s more prevalent now in the 2000s, because there are more women getting into positions of power, and not just because it’s a movement, but because they’re the better person for the job. And I’ve seen people become more accepting of art, coming back to that auteur mindframe.

So this movie comes right around that time, when that’s a discussion that people are having. Hollywood is based on money, so whatever makes dough, that’s what they’re going to duplicate, whatever doesn’t, they’ll shelf.

And for me, the major draw was that the girl got to have her cake and eat it too. With a lot of films, I can see why someone from a certain area might not want to check it out, but this one, with the love dynamic and the relationships among the family members, has a lot to offer.

Well, it really is about the girl, about Sanaa’s character Monica. I think it’s important, especially for black cinema, because we don’t get to see too often the father and son bonded beyond biological circumstances: this father raised his kid, living in the house with the mother. To me it’s not a surprise, it’s just a process of events.

You can get a High 8 or Handicam, go out and make Blair Witch, and it might make $144 million. Definitely, I think he helped push the independent mindframe, as a writer, director, performer, and producer.


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