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Again, many black women are angry that white women are viewed as “more” attractive because we’ve been labeled as “unattractive.” I’m biracial.I have a black mother and a white father and I grew up watching folks treat us differently because of that. We get angry stares and curious stares all the time. On the one hand he says he doesn’t *only* date white women and he hates when people assume that he only dates white women when they see him with one, but his whole essay is titled “The Reality of Dating White Women When You’re Black.” Date who you want, but don’t burden us with your decision by writing an essay going on and on about how beautiful white women are.

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Many women who have read his piece have taken to social media to express their anger at his words.

His decision to write a piece about dating white women, without contextualizing the ways in which white women have always been favored in this country because of white supremacy, is quite troubling.

In the past year it has even spilled over into the comment sections of non-racist blogs.

It appears that some white men don’t like the idea that they have to compete with men who, on average, take more naturally to game principles than they do.

If white nationalists were serious about black men not dating whites, they would start a nutritional non-profit aimed at the urban cores of the country to help black women lose weight.