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I hear they operate with different names Thank God I never fell into the romance scam.

I don't think I can ever fall for such crap, I am not that gullible... So this is for the average Nigerian; folks with high hopes and determination and also for the few people that have fallen for this cheap crap once in their life time.

All they cared about was forwarding me the next email in line.

So the next email I got contained the number of the reverend father that I was supposed to call before I could connect with the Vivian. The average Nigerian male wouldn't hesitate to seal off a relationship deal with a rich foreign girlfriend.

We may never see as I have no plan of visiting Senegal anytime, so I am wondering what we can achieve by chatting over the internet.


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    I'm attentive and obedient, but I also enjoy SPH when warranted.

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