Ladder dating theory singles dating atlanta ga

Since I don’t have anyone else’s life to use as an example, I’ll use mine. I’d like to be friends with my ex-girlfriend, but it’s really hard.

I can’t be friends with her because every time I see her, I want to sleep with her. Well, I could, but let’s face it; if you’re attempting a ladder jump, it’s not going to get any better than this.

” Those are the dreaded words that a man asking a woman out does not want to hear. Well, because he doesn’t need another friend if he’s asking a girl out; he needs a girlfriend. Something now familiarly known as “Ladder Theory” dictates that men cannot be friends with women that they find attractive.

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You can spin just about every break up with a crazy woman in your favor.

Regular Joes and professional, millionaire athletes can make the same mistake (twice). This is a lost cause but hopefully, it reaches one guy out there.

The Ladder Theory is an old one friends and I used to discuss and refine like the Wave Theory or the old Internet idea, the Deacon Effect.

I bring it up after the wonderfully race baiting, dark post by Heartiste yesterday.

Men have one “ladder” where they rank all women based on how much they want to have sex with them.


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