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Iran dating girls

Or the one where the girl tried to smuggle him into her room by tying bedsheets together. Probably the most uplifting story I’ve heard is of my friend Nourah, who met her boyfriend during a rock concert in Tehran.

Don’t let your imagination run wild though, it’s best described as a rehearsal, where some friends are invited.

I’m not naturally shy but then again this is the first time in my three weeks in Iran that a girl has talked to me without being introduced first.“But you should have carved your phone number onto the skin.”Now, it’s my turn to grin.

I’ve know him for a while now, but his resourcefulness in picking up girls still surprises me. Premarital sex and adultery are considered serious offences.

Problematic for my friend as he lives with his parents (as do the majority of young people, even when they’re married).