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This is reflected in their +2 bonus to Dexterity, and their -2 to Constitution.Reasons to pick them include their immunity to sleep spells, their +2 defense against mind-affecting spells, and their +2 bonus to Spot, Listen, and Search checks.

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If you get confused, you should probably just stick with a human.

HUMANS are the first choice and the best for those new to Dungeons and Dragons.

Taking more than one class can cause a penalty to how much experience you gain- the larger the discrepancy of level between classes, the larger the penalty.

The exception to this problem is the Favored Class.

This will give us a good blend of melee and magical points of view. This is a modifier to one of your character's skills or ability scores. So when I pick the lock, the computer rolls a twenty-sided dice and comes up with a 13. 16 is higher than the DC of 15, so I would succeed.