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She’s a tough woman – whip smart, driven, opinionated – with a very clear idea about how the world should work.

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Right when I stopped making men wrong.” And if there’s one thing I rail against on this blog – even while I’m giving advice to women – it’s making blanket statements about what’s wrong with men and how they “should” be a certain way – presumably doing everything that YOU want them to do.

(The same thing, by the way, could be said about men who cling to the “women are crazy” line and choose not to date the many sane ones out there.) Until we all start choosing partners based on their character, kindness, integrity and emotional generosity, we’re pretty much doomed to repeat these cycles over and over.

I am/was good-looking, bright, charming, witty, successful with “the boys,” etc.

In fact, I run into the sunset when confronted with the possibility of commitment. 🙂 Before I get a pat on the back for my self-awareness, though, I need to confess that it’s taken me decades to recognize this stuff about myself, and, over those decades, I’ve hurt some very good men (and some real assholes, which is tough to regret, but which I do regret in a kind of Buddhist way). What’s saddest, and what I think is sad for so many of us “studs”, is that we may never know true intimacy. I remember from a college psych class that Freud wrote life was comprised only of “love and work, work and love”, so us illustrious studs basically suck.

Men try to hold onto the hot, charismatic woman who makes his life a living hell.


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