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You can change your account info, turn on or off Mail, Contacts, and Calendars syncing, choose the number of days to sync and the folders to push, or delete your account.Alternately, from the first screen, you can choose which address book and calendar are used by default.

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Your Hotmail contacts will also now show up in your Contacts app, and all of your contact groups will be synced as well.

If you’d like to change your account settings, open up the .

If you change these to use your Hotmail account by default, then any new contacts or appointments you add will automatically be synced to your online Hotmail account.

Hotmail worked great with Exchange Active Sync, and definitely is a huge improvement over syncing via POP3.

This can work with a wide variety of modern smartphones, including Android and i Phone, so here we’ll look at how you can add Hotmail via Active Sync to your i Phone. After a few seconds, the screen will refresh, this time showing a field for .