Gridview rowupdating disable textbox

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Otherwise you will just get the control in the Item Template.

I am a little confused as to why you are programmatically querying and updating data when you are obviously using an Sql Data Source.

Why not just let the Sql Data Source handle the update?

If Not strline Is Nothing Then If SQL = "" Then SQL = "SELECT tb_entity.

Replace("'", "''") & "'" End If End If Also if i use that, then upon loading of the page, it executes the SELECT command w/c gets all the data from the sql db. user either input strings or upload a text file with strings to parse. page would read the strings from either text box or text file then do a SELECT FROM from the sql db what i would like is upon loading, it wouldn't query the sql db. Data Bind(); } } Now this does get the control that is in the Item Template, not the Edit Item Template.


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