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(2) (New Decision of the GM dated ) By way of an exception the General Meeting may admit Bulgarian and/or foreign companies which do not meet the membership conditions of Article 9 (1) by a decision adopted with majority 2/3 of all members. 10 (1) Each member of the Association is entitled to: 1.(Amended by Decision of the GM dated ) shall comply with these Articles of Association, the Rules of Conduct of the Association and the resolutions of the General Meeting and the Management Board as well as with the legislation in the Republic of Bulgaria; 3.shall make the contributions in property provided for by these Articles of Association or by a resolution of the General Meeting. shall not utilize their membership for any purposes in violation of this Articles of Association or the applicable law; 6.

shall protect the image and reputation of the Association.


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(2) (Amended by Decision of the GM dated ) For acquisition of membership by virtue of a resolution of the Management Board it is necessary for the potential candidates to submit a written application to the Management Board of the Association declaring that they meet the conditions of Article 9 (1) of the Articles of Association, that they accept the terms and conditions set forth in the Articles of Association and Rules of Conduct of the Association and that they will assist for the achievement of its goals.