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He was in his patrol car near Vaughn’s Orchard, a few hundred yards away from the scene. This was in the early days of digital cameras, and Cindy had a personal digital camera that recorded the images onto a floppy disk. This was also in the early days of full color usage on our front page.

“We’re going to need multiple agencies to respond,” the deputy calmly said to dispatch. We had long done spot color, but full color pictures were something rarely done in The Landmark in those days.

Jay Nixon has not acted to reappoint or name a replacement.

That’s one board that may get nudged for change by some folks who have influence in the local GOP. ****** It was good to see a location in Platte County get to host the Chiefs Radio Network’s weekly Chiefs Kingdom show (see front page).

Sure, we don’t do a Landmark Christmas Party anymore, but keep an ear out for the Between the Lines singers caroling in your neighborhood.