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You must agree to the terms located at the BOTTOM of this page! Members are able to sign up to any they have an interest in. Has a gothic medievil theme with stone walls and collums, lit up with Torches on the walls, book cases of Manga comics, Yaoi comics and a second door (The back room) where there is all manner of questionable torture and bondage devices including toys, restraints and "tools""Onyx Sunray" is my Wiccan name.

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Maritime forum NS, NB, NFLD & PEI for meeting like minded Adult Babies, littles and Age Players of all sorts, and for the Mommies, Daddies, babysitters, etc. Atlantic Canada D/s, Fet Life For discussion of any and all topics related to hypnotism, be it erotic, BDSM related, therapeutic, or some other form. Dominant Roundtable Discussions, Fet Life For open discussions based on the viewpoints of Dominants/Tops/Masters/Mistresses.

Ask questions, discuss what you’ve done or would like to do, explain theories or ideas. Exchange your thoughts, ask questions, give your responses and share your experience.

Anything happens that you feel uncomfortable with, contact me.

If I'm in the room at the time and I see anything which I dislike, I will ban you or give you a warning for it.

For like-minded kinky folk to meet for friendship, support, education and whatever else strikes their fancy.