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The importance of saving, gaining friends, doing everything you can at the age you are now (if you're an introvert like me), etc. If I went to a university, I would be at parties with people doing drugs and having sex. Virtually every male on earth is, or at the very least can become highly motivated to achieve sexual conquests, despite the age of the person he is sexually attracted to.

This is a biological function of the male gender, and a powerful instinct that not all guys of any age are willing to resist.

At that time, we will revisit the issue and a decision will be made based upon your level of maturity, and responsibility.

(Our definition of date is as in the classic sense, so this means that you cannot go out, on your own, just the two of you, and no car dates.) I am not naive enough to think that even the toughest parent can stop the evolution of crushes and puppy love, and both of my children had the requisite "boyfriend/girlfriends, that all the other kids had, and that was as it should be, but as I reminded them frequently, you can have as many boyfriends/girlfriends as you like, but you still aren't dating until you're sixteen." Beginning in junior high school, we did allow group dates, school dances, etc.

In today's complicated society, an education and vocational training are far more important goals for a young girl to be concentrating on than a relationship with an older guy.