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    APOLLODÔROU TOU ATHÊNAIOU BIBLIOTHÊKÊS, ê peri theôn BIBLIA G'. The paper quality of the second dedication is visibly better than the rest of the book, so we must conclude that the second dedication was added, and that the first should have been cancelled.

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    Shaw (2016) A paleolimnological analysis of the hierarchy of environmental controls on the resilience of aquatic communities in Yellowstone National Park, USA Christ, Christa C (2016) The contribution of a polygenic risk score to individual differences in aggressive behavior: The moderating and mediating roles of stressful events Cochrane, Kristen C (2016) Physiological responses at the rating of perceived exertion at and above the gas exchange threshold during treadmill running Cortesa, Cathryn S (2016) Habituation and the dyanmic encoding of novelty in newborn infants: An ERP study Cory, Bradley S (2016) Evaluation Of A Residential Retrofit Program In Omaha Nebraska: A Comparison Of Actual Energy Savings With Audit Predictions Using Quantitative Analysis.

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    The Mesopotamians thus introduced the 60-minute hour, the 60-second minute and the 360-degree circle with each angular degree consisting of 60 seconds.

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