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In this romance-driven RPG you create a character in order to win an elf-girl’s heart.You are given points at the beginning to level up various aspects of your character in any way you see fit. There are lots of places to meet hot elf-girls, from the dance club to the East and West beaches.

Some of the stats that players have to work on boosting include charm, strength, magic and romance.

You can go either to the Night club or Great River to meet up with Girls.

For example, players can boost Glinda's experience points by 8,000 by entering the cheat code “Popular,” or boost Elphaba's experience points by 8,000 by entering the cheat code “Witch.” According to Free Games, “Elf SIM Date 2” is a dating simulator in which players try to score a date and eventually win the heart of their favorite girl.

Unlike similar flash dating simulators, such as “SIM Girl,” all the girls in “Elf SIM Date 2” are elves.

We have a collection of 46 elf dating games games for you to play for free.