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Guys looking for true love and/or marriage will most likely mind.

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I was married to my first husband for five years and had two wonderful children.

It only takes one bad attitude to make a divorce, but if your mates are properly screened it should not be an issue of concern. for some men this will be a huge red flag and at the least make them look at you much harder before even considering you; for others, it may not bother them at all. Either way if ur fortunate enough to hook a third you better choose well because I don't see many men lining up for 3x divorced women.

I know of a woman who was twice divorced with a teenage kid, not attractive and not that bright and she was able to find herself a 3rd husband less than a few months after her 2nd divorce was finalized so apparently, some men don't have a problem with it!

I'd be wanting to know if you feel able to set up in a new household and live there happily, or if the reason the house was considered a bad one would be because as you wrecked it from within in the course of daily life, it eventually became uninhabitable. After a problem or set back occurs, most people sit down for a while and mull over their options and what went wrong so it does not happen again in the future.