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There's also Michael's uncle, who's in his late 40s and has AIDS and [has been revitalized] because of the cocktails and has to deal with his life; and, of course, Justin, a 17-year-old gay young man who is not in conflict about his sexuality.

This is not an after-school special where he's walking on the beach in scenes of emotional conflict ..." Lipman trails off when he realizes that his visitor has just become distracted by a sign on the office wall that reads: QAF PRODUCTIONS LTD LTD. NO DILDOS ALLOWED WITHIN 20 FEET OF THE FAX MACHINE.

"A nice horizontal stripe." "Action" is called; there's a knock at the door.

Michael's over-the-top roommate, Emmett (Peter Paige), skitters off to answer it, and in struts the wrong guy--Brian, Michael's best friend and the show's resident shit-stirrer (played by sexy newcomer Gale Harold). Michael has long carried a torch for Brian, and Brian uses that to keep Michael where he wants him: beholden yet unfulfilled.

Perhaps Daniel Lipman Daniel Lipman is a writer and producer from Baltimore, Maryland, United States.