Did benzino dating lisa raye

and in the process, the “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star unleashed the loudest torrent of f-bombs we’ve ever heard.It’s all on video — Benzino (the same guy who was partying with Floyd at the strip club early Sunday morning) goes OFF …According to Jenn, she and Claudia Jordan “don’t mix” and she recently reiterated that with an Instagram post. Karamo: What happened was Claudia and I did an interview and I was drunk and the majority of it came from me.

The wackest part of this unworthy microphone holder is that his biggest hit, "Ice Ice Baby", was most likely written by a ghostwriter.

Gerardo: Even though the song "Rico Suave" was his only hit, it is so incredibly cheesy that he had to be added to the list. Freedom Williams: Back in the 90's you have what I call a "just add water" rapper.

The other day I was driving and heard the forgettable "Things that make you go hmm" and I decided to add him to my list. I thought the magazine was supposed to be objective?

Shit, the magazine was crap before his beef with Eminem, who am I kidding.

Yes the man was absolute garbage and he should of never picked up a microphone apparatus, but when you look at acts like Lil' John and the Ying Yang twins it makes vanilla Ice look somewhat lyrical.