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) A strange vine covered building that looked abandoned but certainly wasn't abandoned was the last thing Josh expected to find in the woods.

Especially a strange vine covered building occupied by people with superpowers.

[Verse 1] I shoulda known when I got you alone That you were way too into me to know This isn't love boy, this ain't even close But you always think we're something that we're not And now you call me every single night I only answer cause I'm too polite We happened once, or maybe it was twice Yeah you always make it hard for me to stop But you always think we're something that we're not Hey!

Unfortunately for him, Ryan becomes jealous and does his best to ruin the relationship.

Doing something cruel in front of all of Brendon's friends, Ryan's plan to make Brendon like him backfires.

The point of view will change every chapter, but the main person is Frank Iero throughout the whole plot.

"Changes are nice," his mother chided, turning down the radio. "All he could do was nod, though the twisting, snaking feeling in his gut that continued to prod at him and remind him that this all felt strangely wrong evoked his awful thoughts once again.

Lead singer Alex Gaskarth served as the VMA red carpet correspondent for Buzz Net, where he chatted with with faves like and kept tabs on all of the A-list celebs strolling by with massive “bling-bling.” Halfway through the red carpet, Gaskarth retreated from his interviewing duties to change in a bush (see video below) so that he could walk the red carpet with his date, ATL guitarist Jack Barakat.