Dating south bend lathe

I have the Nov 1935 19-B Repair parts going up right now. Steve South Bend 10 inch ( heavy) , 4 foot bed Model A catalog CL 199A Serial Number 6865RKR13 Ship date June 24, 1954 , confirmed through Le Blond This lathe has the smaller, 1 7/8 by 8 TPI spindle thread, and the double tumbler QC gearbox Steve, I have 2 copies of bulletin no 7(mid 1920s?

) which are8 pages long,titled South Bend Lathes In the Auto Repair Shop, Garage and Machine shop.

(I go by agentkrome on the yahoo groups) Thanks, -Keith Thanks Guys, I'll be uploading tonight in my home shop. I uploaded the 17-C parts list, that has the R model parts.

I'll look tonight in the collection I received fron Turk for more.

I just received a loaned catalog collection from the west coast that you would not believe!