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Quote by you "Maestro itself can no longer be used for such. I don't really care whos "monkey" is to blame but the organ grinders are going to have an off St.Patricks Weekend with no Wo W (there's only so much green beer you can drink).Its all to do with "Tokenisation" within online card payments.

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Edit: Found a post I made on the ins and outs of why Maestro cant be used for subs that I posted a while back:-Maestro Card Payments

page=1#3I am sorry to say that this is not a decision that Blizzard has made.

Sadly, Maestro made the decision to no longer support tokenisation and as such, the cards cant be used for recurring payments.

For one off payments, tokenisation is not required as the merchant (Blizzard in this example) does not keep your card details for the one off payment.

Any expiry date can be accepted as long as it is in the future from the date you are processing the test transaction.


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