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In fact, of the following apps (i Message, Facebook and Whatsapp), Whatsapp has the best search feature, with Facebook close behind, and i Message following.

We’ll go over how to look through your message histories and the best tips and tricks for doing so.

It’s worth noting my i Phone is running on i OS 10, but this will work with an i Phone running at least i OS 9.

Whats App is one of the most popular messaging apps on i Phone.

It’s completely free and allows you to send and receive messages, calls, photos, videos, and Voice Messages on your i Phone; you can also view your Whatsapp messages from your computer’s browser.

Just like with i Message, if you click on a result it will take you directly into that part of the message.

Facebook messenger search does a great job of looking through message threads from all time, including individual and group conversations and messages that were archived.

However if you archived the message, search will work.