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Nails are probably the most common artifacts found on historic sites.Nails have been made in many sizes and for many purposes—from roofing to finishing.In about 1790 the first nails cut from sheets of iron were produced.

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In the 20th century they too carried makers marks forged in the heads. Wire nails have the poorest mechanical qualities in respect to splitting timber and it is preferable to drill the uppermost timber to receive the shank without splitting out.

Modern low-quality timber and methods of timber construction almost completely obviate the use of a hammer and nail.

Often only the head is visible and this is not a reliable indicator. These came from a Wheelwrights shop at Kedington, Suffolk.

The first on the left has a heavy round machine-made section with a flattened tip and is the easiest to identify.

Not until the last quarter of the nineteenth century were regular sizes of round-shafted, steel-wire nails produced in sufficient quantities to compete successfully with cut varieties (Nol Hume 193-254).