Adult chat for pinoy - Dating customs in uruguay

If you do not like beef, that is fine, but it would be a mistake to make any grandiose, negative statements about others who enjoy consuming beef.

Many of the people of Uruguay love milonga, which is similar to upbeat tango music, as well, and the drum-based beats of candombe, which should get you dancing even if it's something you rarely do back home.

When interacting with the people of Uruguay on a daily basis, you don't need to worry-they do not get offended as easily as the French!

Gauchos were usually cattle-herders but later dabbled as military men as well.

They were known for being loyal, strong, independent and generous, so it's no wonder that many rural Uruguayans still take on the gaucho style appearance.

They are friendly, outgoing, and are known to deliver kisses on the cheek to the close friends of opposite sex while greeting one another. However, they value their Uruguay Uruguay customs and culture, so do not confuse them or their culture with that of people from Argentina or Paraguay.