Naked welsh women looking for a date - Dating and marriage customs in chile

This fact is true in spite of the way the Chilean woman dresses (which appears immodest to many social conservatives).

Dating and marriage customs in chile

Men do have to be careful not to burp or fart at the dinner table of course.

Tenth, a Chilean woman should never use a toothpick to clean her teeth in public or when visiting another home, even if she covers her mouth with the other hand. Eleventh, a woman must always greet everyone when entering a room with a smile and a kiss on the cheek (to both men and women). By contrast, men only kiss women on the cheek but never other men, although good friends can hug; they generally greet great one another with a firm handshake.

Visitors (especially) and husbands and sons do not have to help serve dinner, set the table or clean up (even though it is considered a “rare” and “beautiful” thing when husbands do so). Young girls serving hoer d’oeuvres to guests is considered cute.

Third, a woman’s role is to be a good hostess, a good shopper and to take kids to school or other events.

She is also at fault (at least partly) if her husband is not decently dressed, has a hole in his shirt, etc.