Dating a vampire chinese movie

Kit returns to camp, he is some sort of soldier, leaving his brother with the porn obsessed Chuen.On the first evening, having slept through the day, Chuen sends Eric to the nearby village store to get a gas canister for the stove. Outside he bumps into a man burning prayer scrolls and is warned by the store owner to leave the place.Vampire wise we are seeing typical, fanged Western vampires but they believe that Eric and Co are on to them and something odd is mentioned.

The next day Eric and Chuen meet up with fellow students Katie (Jessica Xu) and Banana (Vonnie Lui) – okay, I didn’t know what to make of the character’s name either.

Katie doesn’t believe that anything has happened but says that the two girls will study with the boys that night.

This is expanded on later when we hear that if they drink the blood of 999 bad men and 1 good man they gain immunity to sunlight.

A strange concept, and unique to this as far as I know. This section is also confused as it appears that the four friends are going to go to the sister’s apartment but nothing comes of it.

Eric gets to his flat and phones the police and ambulance services.