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In modern society, it is becoming more and more acceptable for a woman to date a man who is at least 10 years younger than her.A site provides the opportunity for her to find the connection she seeks, without being confused for a sugar momma in the process.

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Kind regards, peace and Love, Matty x Xx New TV show with Amanda Holden is looking for people who are dating someone older, or indeed someone a lot younger and want to admit it to a friend/family member.

Cougar Cub is a dating site for singles where beautiful single women look out for cubs.

While the sugar momma typically offers financial assistance to her sugar baby, there is not always a major difference in age.

This is where the confusion often comes into play, since a sugar momma is usually older than her sugar baby. For those who are curious about the exact age when a woman becomes a cougar, 40 is the usual cutoff point.

A cub is a relatively younger man who is in the process of becoming a full blown cougar.